Will my contact information appear online?

Yes. We've found that ads with verified phone numbers are more likely to attract serious renters and buyers. However, you can choose to "hide" your e-mail address from appearing on your ad.

To hide your e-mail address, go to the Contact Info tab of your listing and check the "Hide e-mail address on listing" box. 

Note: If your e-mail address is hidden on Zillow Rental Manager, we cannot guarantee that all of our partner sites will also hide this information. However, your e-mail address will be hidden on Zillow, Trulia and HotPads. Users will still be able to contact you by using the contact form, and their inquiries will be sent to your email.

NOTE:  In your Zillow profile, if you have the box checked stating that you are a Landlord or industry professional, your phone number cannot be hidden and will still be visible.  If you wish to hide your phone, please make sure your Zillow profile is not marked as a Landlord or industry professional.    

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